Edward Hemphill

Edward Hemphill
25 years of IT Technical Support Experience

My experience include a variety of platforms supporting Networks, Servers, Security, and Dev Ops.  I am well versed with management tools, process documentation and Service Level Reporting.  I have experience with large migrations of IT Operations dealing with detailed project plans, work flows, power point presentations.  Establishing and successfully meeting SLA’s based on KPI’s goals for service reporting, budgeting.  My skills were gained as I supported positions from Analyst I, II and III to senior management.

Heartland Payments Systems – A Global Payments Inc company – Plano Texas
May 2013 – Present
Lead Network Server Analyst [NOC]

Responsibilities include monitoring and triage of networks and Servers, financial file transmissions, job scheduling and end to end application monitoring through synthetic testing.  Developed NOC intranet web/training server and application. 

HCL Technologies – Dallas Texas
August 2011 – May 2013
End User Computing Sr. Manager (EUC)

Managing 5 Team supporting Corporate Offices and 147 remote sites in Texas for Deskside, White Glove Deskside for C-Level users and Specialized Technology Coordinators(STC) for power plants, GIMG for Monitoring and Service Desk.  Support consisted of 12000 desktops, laptops and various mobile devices and tablets. Trend Analysis on incidents and service request. Microsoft Exchange support Team for Corporate email.  Other responsibilities included over seeing all projects for EUC as far as software upgrading, business continuity and daily operations.  Maintaining SLA goals based on agreed KPI’s on a monthly basis.

Affiliated Computer Services (ACS) – A Xerox Company – Dallas Texas
November 2009 – July 2011
ITO Midrange Operations Implementation and Transformation Analyst

Facilitate and or assist in day to day activities with transition projects for new business or current client’s transitions and implementations. Includes remote and or on site assistance pertaining to activities within project plans.  MPR reporting for ECC. Maintaining/developing ECC intranet sites for each ECC team.

Affiliated Computer Services (ACS) – A Xerox Company – Dallas Texas
September 2005 – October 2009
Systems Development Specialist

Procure Equipment and design web application software to support Enterprise Command Center teams. Exercised configuration management procedures for changes to the operating system files and software per change management processes.  Participation in the development and preparation of documentation for, but not limited to, procedural, program and user documentation. Designs, develops, installs, implements, fine tunes, documents and/or maintains databases, database dictionaries; monitors standards and procedures and integrates systems through database design and administration. Works with users to ensure successful system implementation.  Developed and instructed user training, guidance staff members at all levels. Research or write portions of technical proposals.  Maintains state-of-the-art knowledge and information to accomondate recommendations and analyses for best practices. Responsible for maintaining/developing ECC intranet sites for each ECC team.

Affiliated Computer Services (ACS) – A Xerox Company – Dallas Texas
May 2003 – August 2005
Escalation Supervisor

Responsibilities included Previous Job Position plus:  Managing an operational team to perform network/server monitoring duties. Develop monitoring solutions. Quick resolution of problems introduced by monitoring or helpdesk. Promoted to Systems Development Specialist.

Affiliated Computer Services (ACS) – A Xerox Company – Dallas Texas
November 2000 – April 2003
Network/Server Analyst IV

Responsibilities included: The monitoring of a computer systems including the hardware and the software for Network devices including Routers, switches, Firewalls and Servers. Writing Technical Documentation including Procedures to perform Job duties, Inventory, Network Diagrams. Development of intranet web environment for ECC. Other responsibilities included monitor network traffic for security analysis. Used Cisco Netranger, Snort, Acid, Barnyard for SOC infrastructure. Proactively research security vulnerabilities and virus information to notify and protect end users. Promoted to Escalation Supervisor May 2003.

Management and Teamwork
I believe I have the hard and soft skills to be an effective Manager. All the skills I have listed below contribute as well as my years of experience to this.
Analytical and Problem-solving
I’m great at collecting data to performing all sorts of analyses to arrive at meaningful conclusions.
Communication Skills
Im good at absorbing, sharing, and understanding information presented that is needed to communicate whether by pen, mouth, etc. I communicate in a ways that others grasp with relevant knowledge using know-hows and skills to explain clear thoughts and ideas. I also Listen to others when they communicate, asking questions to better understand any situation that arises.
I have knowledge and abilities that allow me to use computers and related technology which consist of basic computer skills such as word processing, managing computer files, and creating presentations. I also have advanced computer skills include managing databases and running calculations in spreadsheets and knowledge of several applications and are widely used.
Core Competencies
I have key abilities that are used synonymously with professional skills to understand that business drives IT.
Creative thinking
I’m open-minded and an active listener which helps me in looking for new solutions and methods of doing things, instead of sticking to good ol’ ways which might be no good after all.
Time management
I understand deadlines and manage my time to successfully complete goals and projects.